B.lux: new art direction by Stone Designs

For years we have been working for the company B.lux designing many products for their catalogue, and from now on we will take the art direction of the company. Although many people only associate and link it to the marketing and advertising sector, it is part of the design and has the enormous responsibility of giving a certain meaning to the image and visual concepts.

This new task of bringing the B.lux Group project to a successful conclusion is a challenge for us. From the concept we already know, we have visualized this idea beyond.

The new B.lux of all time

Both, Stone Designs and B.lux, walk the same path in a way that ensures effective communication and captivates current and future clients. A functional communication that converges the design and its condition of manufacturers in a visual concept: to transmit through the image, not the words, impregnating all these years of history of the Basque brand in an easily understandable reflection. Now, we will direct the image of the company as part of its branding, unifying all corporate messages so that company and clients connect in the most direct and sensitive way possible.

New identity of B.lux. Adapted to the times, but preserving its essence.

Our receptive capacity responds to the initial briefing and the concept we want to transmit. Together with our partner Narita Estudio, we plan, manage and pass on the history and know-how of the B.lux group. A strategy that reinforces its values and brings them closer to the end user. An experience already adapted to our other art direction cases such as Peronda or Easy Snowboards, where we capture the feeling of brand as a starting point.

From the Basque Country to the world.

Words like semiotics, graphic and photographic narration, form and colour, perception, conceptboard, graphic development, ambience, photography, optics and lighting come to mind from the moment we evoke B.lux and get down to work to develop the new identity of the company.

The Blux group is a Spanish reference in the edition and manufacture of contemporary design luminaires that now crosses borders. Good design is like good traditions: they last over time because they work. And we no longer have any fingers on our hands to describe those 40 years that have been illuminating the world from the Basque Country. Values that we unite by updating the brand and identity of Grupo B.lux without forgetting its unique essence. New brand, same nature, now in tune with the lighting and personalised decoration and interior design projects they develop.

B.lux is reference, style, personality… and trend. And innovation. Modernist touches in the redesign of a brand that will reach its 40th anniversary. The company’s new strategy, based on the promotion of its different products in the market with ceiling, foot, table, suspension, exterior luminaires…, requires them to be clearly differentiated, aimed at the target audience and thus reinforce the value given by its customers.

The result is a brand that expresses itself without stylistic artifices but with a lot of personality. At the same time, solid and close, elaborated and human. The aim is far from looking for a short-term novelty or to expire, but to establish itself as an avant-garde who knows how to find a balance between the classic and the current. This is a particularly useful reference for international users who need to know the details of the pieces as faithfully as possible.

National and international exhibitions

In the fairs where B.lux Group has been or will be present, as the last presentation in ICFF New York, all its novelties will be shown with stands designed by Stone Designs. More than exhibition areas, with the coldness associated with them, we seek to generate ambient spaces that provoke experiences thanks to light.

The result is a space that tends towards the scenic, leaving the lighting to be paramount, transmitting those sensations when shown as they are, without artifice and preserving all the chromatic palettes. The aim is for the visitor to have the freedom to put all their senses into action and interact with the luminaires.

B.lux stand at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair – ICFF 2019
ICFF New York 2019 – B.lux #1625

For a brand like B.lux, its product catalogue is the main sales tool. But also inspiring, showing the richness and variety of all the pieces that appear, as well as explanatory with technical details that describe them rigorously.

In this way we reflect the volume and values of Grupo B.lux, a company more than settled in the world of lighting. Collaboration with first-rate external designers has been and will be part of the fundamental pillar of its trajectory and growth. Another of our tasks will be to channel the creative wealth of established professionals and young promises of design, in the effort to develop a coherent product offer, innovative and constantly updated.

More information:

– B.lux: Official | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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