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The next edition of Barcelona Building Construmat, the construction event of “Fira de Barcelona“, will be held from 14 to 17 May. It will have architecture as one of its great protagonists and our founder Eva Prego will be very present at the I Congress ‘Interiors Lovers‘.

During this event, focused on interior design professionals, we will discuss the relationship between this discipline and the construction sector. Of course, from Stone Designs we can not miss it and there we will be revealing the big bets of this great showcase of new architecture, technological innovation and forms of interior design of today’s society.

Barcelona Building Construmat 2019

Among the more than 100 national and international speakers distributed between the Talks Arena and the Interiors Lovers, we will contribute our granite and thanks to Eva Prego we will give a voice when it comes to giving visibility and importance to interior design.

Interiors Lovers – Your Retail, Office, Hotel and Housing Forum

The relationship between architecture, interior design and construction will be one of the scenarios within the Meetings Arena space of the Barcelona Building Construmat.


The ‘Interior Lovers‘ conference will discuss the relationship between this discipline and the construction sector. Above all, it will be a meeting day for professionals from the interior design sector analysed from fields as close or as different as retail, contract, living space and office workspaces.

Traditionally very different sectors but the trend makes their uses converge, breaking the spatial and conceptual barriers of them. This way of understanding places is a challenge for designers, who must respond to a world in constant mutation.

Innovation is not something exclusive, it is an open concept born of everyone’s effort. We can all innovate!

Curated by Teresa Casas, President of the General Council of Official Schools of Interior Designers and Decorators and Dean of the College of Interior Designers and Decorators of Catalonia; Carlota Casanova, architect and co-founder of LoCa Studio; and Miguel Ángel Aguiló, architect and communication consultant, the congress will be structured around two thematic axes. In the morning, in the ‘Modes of seeing‘ sessions, conferences and debates will take place, while in the afternoon, under the title ‘Modes of doing‘, workshops for professionals will take place.


“The new way of understanding places is a challenge for designers who must respond to a world in constant mutation”.

Together with our designer Eva Prego (Stone Designs) will participate, among others, Marcel Benedito, journalist and editorial director of ‘Distrito Oficina‘; Javier Jiménez Iniesta, architect and founder of Studio Animal; Juan Carlos Baumgartner, mexican architect based in Chicago; Jordi Cuenca, interior designer of hotels and gastronomic spaces; María Gabriela Mendoza, dominican interior designer; Carmen Baselga, valencian interior designer; Olga Hanono, mexican interior designer; Víctor Legorreta, mexican architect; Pilar Marcos, journalist and director of the magazine ‘Diseño Interior‘; Isabel López-Vilalta, catalan interior architect…


In conclusion, the conference organisers point out that “traditionally, the relationship between interior design and architecture has not been very close, but in recent years, the evident synergies between them has led to the breaking down of spatial and conceptual barriers, motivating the confluence of their uses“.

Don’t miss it – Together we build what’s next!

When: 14, 15 and 16 May 2019

Where: Meetings Arena (Fira de Barcelona)

Schedule: 10.00 – 13.30h (morning) – 16.00h – 18.00h (afternoon)

Check the program here.

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