Event Hotels & Retail Design Madrid

This week we will participate in the event “Hotels & Retail Design Madrid“, organized by Grupo Vía. There, we will discuss future trends in interior design of hotels and retail, Top projects of hotel interior design, restaurants and shops as well as you can enjoy the experience of great professionals.

Intergift will host this forum again, where you can learn about interior design trends for the hotel sector, restaurants and commercial spaces. A morning to enjoy good interior design, discovering the details of outstanding projects carried out for hotels, restaurants and shops. The architects and interior designers who have devised them show their success stories and take part in a debate on current affairs and future preferences in design for retail spaces and hotels.

What are the keys to success in commercial interior design?

Hotels & Retail Design is a unique opportunity to be up to date in interior design and to get to know the trends of some of the most important interior designers and architects in Spain. Among the success stories you can see, analyse and ask questions, accompanying Diana Rubio, interior designer of Stone Designs, will be architects and interior designers such as Pilar Rodríguez Esteban, Senior Vice President Buildings, Engineering & Environment NH Hotels; José Manuel Fernández, Executive Director of Cuarto Interior; Carlo Ferrando, Director & Designer of Kombu Design; Loli Moroño, Creative Director of PF1 Interiorismo; Pedro Rica, Co-founder of Mecanismo and Pilar Morejón and Raquel Jiménez, Co-founders of Clap Design!


What special features should be taken into account when renovating an establishment?

For 23 years, Stone Designs has been working on projects for offices, workspaces or for the retail sector. In this time, we have learned that these are spaces that have to show very particular characteristics. The end user always has to be at the centre of the design. For example, a positive experience in a hotel will create unforgettable memories or a building will leave its mark on people.

Having the architectural elements in a certain way helps to improve the user’s experience: a space with large windows, luminous bathtubs and showers integrated into the room, restaurant areas with different designs depending on the food being offered or mimicking the surrounding environment are some examples of what we have done in our study to ensure customer satisfaction.


Don’t miss it because there are few places left. Registration is open! Sign up here for free.

Date: September 12, 2019

Time: 10:00 – 13:30 am.

Place: Intergift (Ifema-Madrid) – Ifema- Feria de Madrid – Sala Goya (Avda. del Partenón, 5, 28042) (See map)

Sponsors: Ifema- Feria de Madrid – Intergift (Ifema-Madrid) – Shcneider ElectricTarkett OfficialRockfon ItaliaGrupo Lamadrid

You can download the Hotels & Retail Design Madrid program here.

You can follow the event also on our social networks or the best moments and summary on the page: Grupo Vía: Official Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube

hotel retail madrid grupo via stone designs
Photo, from left to right: Loli Moroño; Diana Rubio; Sergio Ruano; Xavier García; Pedro Rica; Sergio Petisco; Pilar Morrejón; Angélica Tarrassa; Carlo Ferrando; Arantxa Esnaola
18 DIANA RUBIO Diseñadora de Interiores de STONE DESIGNS
Diana Rubio- Interior Designer Stone Designs

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