Intersections Pop-up Workplace Barcelona 2019

The design studio Stone Designs, in collaboration with Grupo Finsa, Actiu and Simon, has created the ephemeral office and the new “Intersections” pop-up workplace in Barcelona. A recreation that you can visit at Espacio Simon 100 from 19 to 22 November (9:00 to 20:00 hours).

In times when creative disciplines are diluted in a sea of globalization, the concept of transversality is more present than ever. Every day, design studios create more typologies of spaces and furniture for the office environment, which unfortunately we do not find in catalogues or the best brands. From Stone, we face the new challenge of becoming a reference in terms of tailor-made design, offering avant-garde materials that adapt and help to solve the demand of new prescriptors.


The idea is to offer materials which, due to their level of quality, mechanical and functional qualities, become solutions in their own right, with a range of avant-garde finishes capable of helping to visualise the future of new offices.

Intersections BCN 2019 Concept

Within this transversality came the idea of “Intersections“. An idea that shows the freedom to choose your own path. A crossroads that take you to different destinations without limitations. “Intersections” strongly represents the vocation of companies such as Finsa, Actiu and Simon to expand horizons, offering solutions that are ahead of the present to project into the future.

intersections workplace 2019 simon actiu finsa barcelona

What should the design of workspaces look like?

There are no set rules for designing a great-looking office. Office design is in a moment of transformation due not only to the appearance of new ways of executing the work activity, affecting the spatial design, but also to the new demands in terms of quality of spaces. This concerns the selection of materials and the incorporation of new technologies, which offer communication facilities and comfort that the user demands.

Intersections Workplace pop-up Barcelona 2019

In light of this situation, three companies have decided to make a real but ephemeral proposal at Intersections: the wood company Finsa, the manufacturer of connectivity solutions, lighting and light control Simon and the office furniture company Actiu have joined forces to create a fleeting and temporary office that reflects on the work space, the workplace and the possibilities of advancing in comfort and innovation.

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Event video:

Photos updated November 20, 2019, courtesy of Marta Hernández (Simon):


All you need to know:

Where: Espacio Simon 100 (Carrer de Sancho de Ávila, 66, Barcelona – See map)

When: From 19 to 22 November 2019

Introduction: Eva Prego, co-founder of Stone Designs, will be presenting the space on the 19th at 19:00

Schedule: From 9:00 to 20:00 h. and Friday until 13:00 h.

intersections 2019 barcelona simon actiu finsa en 06

Follow the official accounts at Intersections to stay up to date on the event:

Simon Electric: Web Oficial | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

FinsaWeb Oficial | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

ActiuWeb Oficial | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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