Japan welcomes the entire Stone Designs team.

This year the entire Stone Designs team was lucky enough to travel to Japan. We have worked so hard over the last few months that the studio’s “parents”, Cutu Mazuelos and Eva Prego, invited this great family to spend a few days and visit Japan.


Big team, great bosses!

We were able to enjoy a dream that many of us had and that finally came true. In the best possible way, we packed our bags to embark on a journey that has left us with an incredible memory. We love working with such talented people and they always have a smile on their faces!

A Japanese culture that, from the first moment we got off the plane, captivated us. Its people, its colour, its contrasts, its kindness and respect, are values that have marked us both professionally and personally.

It is easy to say that we are proud to be able to share our lives with this crew. They give their best every day to keep improving, working hard and being more superheroes than the ones that appear in the comics.

Our adventure began in Tokyo. A city we love, with the best dreamed equipment.

We learned from the best, lived unique experiences, laughed and enjoyed with the companions that we see every day in the studio but, this time, thousands of kilometers away and in a unique setting. An unrepeatable occasion that we will always remember. Thank you all for sharing our experiences, our little crazy things and for making us part of your daily life.

Now, back again, we continue working with the illusion of the first day. But this time, with a smile on our faces and much happier to be able to work hand in hand with an outstanding team. Even if we change sushi for the spanish omelette, this experience has brought us together and made us feel like the big family we are. You can’t imagine working with someone better than them!

Inspirational Japan

Japan, for many of us, is a country that has us totally in love. Tradition and modernity are two values that coexist in Japan in perfect harmony. Considering its architecture, gastronomy, language, art or culture, this trip with all the team was almost obligatory. An inspiration that is reflected in many of our projects. Here are some examples in which we have participated:

My Tokio
Cutting Edge
Found Muji Iberia
Nojiriko Restaurant
Yakiniku Rikyu

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