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When it comes to office design, every detail, square metre and every corner counts. Stone Designs‘ idea for good office and interior design must focus specifically on the needs of each project, always ensuring the well-being of the workers who occupy the space and making it easier for them to carry out their task as comfortably as possible.

This means having operational and efficient workstations, halls, reception, comfortable meeting rooms and areas for coffee and lunch that favour communication between team members.

We know that every company and place requires a personalized formula. We undertake each project from a global perspective, which involves both an analysis of the philosophy of work in its interior and the architecture of the space, acoustic and visual comfort, colors and materials, new technologies or furniture.

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Office design: Comfort vs versatility

Indeed, change is the driving force behind each project. The expansion of an office, the development of a new business, improving the brand image when customers visit you… In Stone we are experts in office design and, therefore, we welcome the changes and listen carefully to create the perfect space to make your employees feel at home. We all know the definition of office, but we have to start thinking that the paper and photo typical of a gray physical workspace is changing. It is increasingly flexible and needs other features to better meet its functionality.

We take advantage of each space to create differentiated environments that are practical when performing each task. Spaces that allow to use all the surface of the facilities. Unlike the creativity and innovation that have characterised office design in recent years, in the current workspaces in which we are involved, we are also increasingly committed to happiness and well-being at work.

Our office design plan ranges from large companies that open new offices to renovations or extensions of companies that want to give a new air to their centers. From the entrance, hall or reception, to the waiting room for clients, a quiet meeting area without eyes lurking, a space for an informal meeting in petit committee or develop a cafeteria in the company, can be created in a simple way, choosing the right elements to get the maximum performance.

We create unique work environments

Delimit space in a more defined way. Bring warmth to the whole. Improve the efficiency of each of the departments. Differentiate from the competition. Create a unique and unrepeatable environment that makes you want to get up in the morning. All these factors are taken into account but one of our keys is comfort. The design of offices and the materials of the furniture chosen determine the level of comfort of the space. Not only the furniture, especially the chairs or ergonomic armchairs. In addition, the colour or decoration that surrounds us is crucial to generate a feeling of well-being, concentration, serenity or injection of energy.

Our bet is to choose ventilation and natural light. However, in many cases it is not possible to count on it. There we condition the design of the office with additional lighting and, in many of our projects, we count on the invaluable collaboration of our friends at B.lux.

Without creativity, there is no innovation. And the company’s ability to foster talent and go beyond can also be transmitted by attending to the design of offices, from details that are faithful to the philosophy of the brand. We always sit down with clients to reflect on what image they want to convey. The key is the details.

More versatile and flexible office design

Similarly, we know that the offices of the future are increasingly versatile and flexible. In its design, the building plays a fundamental role and its relationship with the environment. Open or closed, dark or luminous, diaphanous or compartmentalised, we can all transform them into cosy environments.

Designing a new space, reconverting a building or creating something from a place you have in mind may not be easy. Interior spaces condition design. Colors and textures directly influence the mood of your workers. The serious and boring aesthetics traditionally associated with offices has disappeared from our book in favour of a warmer and more welcoming image. As opposed to the initial explosion of colour, our current service is to bet on an intelligent use of colour, whether in floors, walls, ceilings or furniture, depending on its use and objective. Many times, to transmit the values of the company, the tones chosen are governed by the corporate colors but in an equitable way between design and welfare.

Do you want to design your new office? Are you looking for an interior design studio to reform your office? Look no further and ask us for a quote. And in case we haven’t convinced you yet, don’t miss our latest work in office design.

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