_interiors /2011

/ Type of project: Exhibition
/ Location: Tokyo

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At this year’s Tokyo Designer’s Week 2011, the Spainalight exhibition organized by ICEX (Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade) will be held at the Spanish Embassy in Tokyo. An exhibition from Stone Designs showing the best of Spanish design from the past few years.

Spainalight originates from an environment in which light acts as the protagonist, and how it forges the character of Spanish design. An entirely new concept, an exhibition space where large areas of light are mixed, giving life to this collection. A space that praises Spanish designer’s diversity and in turn, increases their value. An exhibition where the visitor’s interaction will take on new meaning, and who in turn, become the true main characters of this event, allowing you to enjoy and perceive with all your senses, the quality and passion that the Spanish stamp on their products.

Light has provided our own language for both creators and manufacturers alike, light that each day reminds us that we can shine stronger and that those using our products deserve such effort; and light from the dusk reminds in a gentle way that it is worth working towards tomorrow, offering better products and new solutions every day.

Spainalight will run from 1st-6th November.
Embassy of Spain, Tokyo
1 – 3 – 29 Roppongi Minato-ku
Tokyo 106-0032


Along with the exhibition, to add continuity to the event we have made a live documentary incorporating the different creative fields exhibited, from an intimate and personal perspective on light from different places, where it dwells, marks, conditions and in turn, gives inspiration to the creative process.

Joan Gaspar, an industrial designer, shows us the most pragmatic way of using light, where comfort and quality of light are upheld as two of the most valued characteristics.

The architect Antonio Jimenez Torrecillas discusses shadows, how our architecture is precisely for suffering in many cases a light excess, trying to work with shadow and half-light, creating spaces and unique environments that, mixed with the melting pot of cultures always represented in Spain, creates a more magical effect, embracing us to imagine.

The artist Daniel Canogar shows us how a whole civilization, forged with the fire of a sun that shines with such intensity, has enabled him to mix intuitive wisdom with the most advanced technologies, with moving results due to creative power and overall ability to work with light.


A documentary for the Spanish Government (Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce), ICEX and European Union.

Director: Jorge Cosmen

Title:”Light in the Creative Process”

Country: Spain | Format: Video | Length: 42’ | Year: 2011

Producers:  Narita Estudio & Stone Designs

An original idea by: Mateo García, Cutu Mazuelos and Eva Prego