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Stone Designs sounds like snow. And Cutu Mazuelos, founder of the design studio, is a big fan of white sports. That’s why we specialize in creating mountain resorts, snow designs and ski resorts design. A complex network made up of hotels, halls, ticket offices, car parks, restaurants, etc.

CUTU MAZUELOS – Spanish Snowboard Champion (1994)

Growing up in the mountains has made us a dreamer. Not in vain, the mountain forces you to always look up, forward and to the future. The mountain teaches you to live in harmony with the environment, because you feel the true power of belonging to it. The mountain is a place that lets us see the world as it is and not as they tell us. The place where our existence makes sense.

Warm space coexisting with the snowy landscape.

When we receive a design proposal in the snow, we don’t hesitate. These are perfect projects for us: a ski resort, a restaurant, a hotel in the middle of nature surrounded by white dust, a cabin covered with snow… perfect!

We love being part of projects surrounded by nature, far from noise and pollution. That is how we had been imagining ourselves for a long time, and that is how we got to our new studio in the outskirts of Madrid. A space where to adapt the needs of future ski resorts with the concern to integrate them into the landscape in a sustainable way. The qualities of warmth and comfort associated with our work are reflected in the interiors of buildings. Halfway between tradition and modernity, “Snow Designs” works arise from the snow in the mountains to our studio.

Our projects perfectly combine the best tradition of mountain villages with the modernity of a simple and functional space. We focus on enjoyment, taking care of every last detail, making the user feel at home, in the harsh winter days away from home. We completely change the visitor’s perception of the facilities to create a cozy space from the first time they step into the ski resort. In this way, we reinforce the idea of creating a much more natural indoor and outdoor space, where they can breathe an intense mountain experience, instead of feeling as if they were in an artificial enclosed space.

Snow Designs: pure air and nature

In order to be successful in the development of such snow projects, Stone Designs has always followed a path that encompasses mainly six design aspects:

Our works and white projects breathe pure air and nature, told with a chromatic scheme that transmits warmth and respect for the environment. An interior and exterior space that coexists harmoniously and forms part of the surrounding landscape.

For every project, we always want to honour local culture and values. Sometimes very clearly, sometimes subtly reflected in each of the elements that form part of the entire design plan.

Therefore, the initial planning, optimization and adaptation of all these elements are crucial for the future performance of our snow designs and Ski Resorts Design.

Ski Resorts Design: architecture and design for snow lovers.

The shape of the mountain inspires us to create a new ski resorts design. A wide range of projects in the snow, adorned with incredible views of the mountains. The elements used must add colour and life to a cold and dark space. Also, to generate an acoustic comfort in a place with so much movement. Convert each space into a warmer and more comfortable place where you can enjoy a great day in the snow.

Our winter projects, for example for Grandvalira or Aramon, are a reinterpretation of local values and habits. Superfluous elements have been eliminated in order to obtain only the essential ones. The materials and warmth of the upholstery are designed to withstand the harsh treatment received during the ski season. We create very different environments that coexist in perfect harmony, where users can enjoy when choosing between different options, according to their tastes and personal needs.

Snow Designs: Materials

In this type of snowy environment, sometimes a little hostile or with temperature changes, the choice of the right and suitable materials is crucial. In Stone we have been testing a palette of specific materials for years, which make them optimal for this type of “Ski Resorts Design“, both for its durability, as for their mechanical capabilities and its high quality. We must bear in mind that an error in the choice of a material that will be placed at 3000 meters above sea level, involves higher costs than one placed on the street of a facility. For example, wood – one of the oldest and most sustainable materials – gives continuity to the tradition and characteristics of the mountain that surrounds ski projects but may not always be the best option.

Snow designs: Continuity to the tradition and characteristics of the mountain

The lighting in the ski resorts behaves in a very particular way. Considering that all the spaces will be bathed by the white light that reflects the snow that surrounds us, the treatment of the interior lighting must have specific characteristics, in order to transform and create the atmosphere that we really want.

In the snow, everything is difficult. In Stone Designs we really bear that in mind and for each project the design is carried out through modulating all the elements that compose it, so that they can be transported to their destination; taking into account the dimensions of the vehicles that will access it, the amount of snow that would be there during the assembly, or the size of the snowplow trailers that have to bring the material up to the facility.

If you are a lover of design and winter sports look at our latest ski resort projects and snow projects or download our book “Snow Designs”.

Funicamp Grandvalira 2019
Grandvalira Shop 2017
Grandvalira Hall 2017
Top Class 2015
Coll Blanc 2015
Cubil Grandvalira 2014
Solanelles 2013
Cafetería 1900 2015
Lapiaz Aramon 2010
El Portillo Aramon 2010
Restaurante Nojiriko 2017
Rodina Hotel & Spa 2016

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